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Massachusetts Business Lawyers

Legal advice on all aspects of business law

The attorneys at Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan have many years of experience helping clients develop businesses from the ground floor. Its lawyers work closely with you to handle your company's needs, from your initial business plan to unexpected business lawsuits.

Massachusetts business formation

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan is recognized for its work with closely held businesses. The firm's lawyers provide legal and business planning advice for every type of arrangement:

  • Closely owned businesses
  • Corporations
  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Professional associations
  • Joint ventures

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan helps you decide what type of business structure is right for you, and guides you through the necessary legal steps to execute your plan.

Developing your business plan

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan helps clients develop specific plans. The firm works with you and provides advice on the many contractual arrangements that will be needed to run your business:

  • Property leases
  • Vendor contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Stockholder offering plans

Selling or transferring your business

These experienced business attorneys know how to help you liquidate your business. They show you how to proceed if you decide to—

  • Dissolve a business partnership
  • Split up or transfer your business to your partner
  • Sell your entire business
  • Transfer your business to the next generation of your family

Providing legal advice to family businesses in transition is a specialty of Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan.

Business dispute resolution

Legal disagreements are a fact of doing business. Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan work to avoid the escalation of disputes and instead seek alternative resolutions for you. However, the firm is also ready, willing and able to litigate business disputes when necessary:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Stockholder complaints
  • Membership issues
  • Partnership disputes

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan has the experience and perseverance to effectively represent your position through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Claims of discrimination

Counseling and providing advice regarding fair business practice is important to this firm.  Discrimination is legally actionable in many areas:

  • Employment
  • Contract awards
  • Housing
  • Accessibility

The lawyers at Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan represent victims of discrimination, as well as companies that are accused of discriminatory practices.

Hire a team of attorneys that understands business law

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan is known throughout Massachusetts as valued advisors to people conducting business. To get help with your business formation or business lawsuit in Massachusetts, please contact Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan, P.C.