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Massachusetts Family Law and Probate Lawyers

The attorneys at Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan will represent you in family law and probate law matters with competency, integrity, and discretion.


Grounds for divorce

No-fault divorce is available in Massachusetts. It is formally called irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The parties may file jointly, or one may file against the other. There are also seven fault grounds for divorce in Massachusetts:

  • Cruel and abusive treatment
  • Desertion for one year
  • Imprisonment for five years
  • Habitual intoxication
  • Neglect
  • Adultery
  • Impotency

The divorce lawyers at Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan help you decide which grounds are most appropriate for your circumstance.

Division of property

When a divorce proceeding begins, both parties must file a financial statement. The probate and family court judge uses this information to determine the division of marital property, together with other statutory mandated considerations.

In determining the amount of alimony, if any, to be paid, or in fixing the nature and value of the property, if any, to be so assigned, the court, after hearing the witnesses, if any, of each party, shall consider the length of the marriage, the conduct of the parties during the marriage, the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income, vocational skills, employability, estate, liabilities and needs of each of the parties and the opportunity of each for future acquisition of capital assets and income. In fixing the nature and value of the property to be so assigned, the court shall also consider the present and future needs of the dependent children of the marriage. The court may also consider the contribution of each of the parties in the acquisition, preservation or appreciation in value of their respective estates and the contribution of each of the parties as a homemaker to the family unit.

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan assists you to make sure that your financial statement is accurate and that all factors for the court's consideration are presented in the most favorable light.

Child custody

When a Massachusetts family court makes a custody decision, it considers factors including—

  • The child's well being
  • Adjustment to family, school, and community
  • Relationship with the parents
  • Parental history of abuse, drugs or abandonment
  • Which parent has been the primary care-giver

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan assists you in the development of a parenting plan for the court to approve.  Without such an agreement, the court has no choice but to make its own decision. Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan attempts to work collaboratively with your spouse's attorney to put together an amicable and appropriate custody agreement.

Child support

Massachusetts child support guidelines require a basic analysis of financial requirements:

  • Income
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Other essential expenses
  • Number of children

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan strives to make sure that all relevant information is presented so that the amount of support determined is appropriate for you and your family.

Probate and estate administration

Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan works with the families of decedents during the probate of an estate. When a person has died, the Massachusetts probate court determines if the decedent left a valid will. You may be named as the personal representative to administer the estate:

  • A will usually names an executor
  • When there is no will, the court names an administrator

If you are called upon to be a personal representative of an estate in probate, you will have many duties to fulfill. You can rely on the legal support and guidance of Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan throughout the probate administration:

  • Collection of assets
  • Preservation of property
  • Payments of debts and taxes
  • Distribution of assets and property
  • Response to contested provisions of the will

Frequently the Probate Court is where contested, sensitive and difficult cases are heard.  The attorneys of Katz, Rudnick & Sullivan have years of experience and training in dealing with these types of matters. They provide competent, compassionate and zealous advice on their client's behalf in resolving these matters.

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